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Astros 2016 Wild Card Scenarios

We take a look at what needs to happen for the Astros to grab a wild card spot.

What do Altuve and Barry Bonds Have in Common?

A search for historical players who have achieved results similar to what Altuve has done so far in 2016 revealed some intriguing results.

Appreciating the rookie season of Chris Devenski

Watching Chris Devenski pitch out of the bullpen for the second day in a row against the Texas Rangers, something occurred to me: Devenski is a seriously good pitcher

Ken Giles, Josh Fields, & pitching under pressure

What might Ken Giles's journey to Houston's ninth tell us about managing a bullpen?

Why Fans Of Most AL Teams Should #VoteSpringer

The case for fans of most American League teams - not just Astros fans - to vote for George Springer in the 2016 All Star Game Final Vote.

Three Astros Sabermetric Things

Astros Sabermetrics: Revising FIP with Stat Cast; Cuban Free Agent Gurriel; Inside Edge Team Data

Astros Dallas Keuchel is one unlucky dude

Keuchel has been terrible this season. But he won’t keep being terrible.

On The Astros: Leave The Bullpen Alone

Let's understand why we're saying to leave Gregerson in the "closer" role.

Michael Feliz: the Astros bring back the true fireman role

Michael Feliz is averaging two innings per relief appearance, and is destroying batters in high-leverage situations, a role that has not been seen with regularity since the 1970's and 80's.

On The Astros: Should Kemp Replace Marisnick?

The rational defense for an idea many consider crazy on the surface.

Astros' Colby Rasmus has flipped the switch

Colby Rasmus has gone Mickey Mantle on baseball this season. Can he keep it up? You bet he can, and the numbers support it.

Astros turn high leverage situations Into negative numbers

This is sad.

Sabermetrics: Tyler White's Spring Stats

What Do Tyler White's Spring Stats Mean?

Season Predictions for the Houston Astros

The regular season is just around the corner! To celebrate the end of Spring Training, I’m going to provide a few scenarios on how this season may shake out for the Astros. Are you ready for some wild and mild scenarios?

A bit about new Astros C Erik Kratz

The Astros acquired catcher Erik Kratz in trade yesterday. But why?

Astros' CF Marisnick is a clone of CF Gomez

The similarities are endless and encouraging between the Astros' two center fielders

Pitch F/X Scouting Report: Mike Fiers

The Astros have high hopes for Fiers coming into the 2016 season. With Lance McCullers slated to start the year on the disabled list Fiers will be asked to step into a larger role and help take some of the pressure off of Dallas Kuechel.

Dissecting Astros RHP Doug Fister

The Astros newest rotation piece, Doug Fister's performance has dropped off rather sharply in the last two seasons. Many have harped on his declining velocity, but there may be other issues at play that the Astros' staff can potentially remedy to help facilitate a return to form.

Astros Sabermetrics: Pitcher Aging

Evaluating the Aging Profile of Groundball Pitchers.

Tucker's Rookie Year Revisited

What does Preston Tucker's rookie performance tell us about his future contribution?

Astros Had 9 Outfield Throws Of 100+ MPH

Astros outfielders Carlos Gomez and Jake Marisnick combined for a full 25% of all Major League throws from the outfield of 100 miles per hour or better last season.

New info on Astros Catcher defense and depth

Baseball Prospectus' all-inclusive catcher defensive statistic is a useful new tool, and provides insight into the Astros' off-season strategy at the position.

Evaluating Minor League BABIP

Often, discussion of BABIP revolves around its regression. In the minor leagues, however, could it instead be used to evaluate a hitter's true talent level?

3 Astros Saber Things

Astros Sabermetrics: Rasmus, Hitter Decline, StatCast

Greatest Seasons In Astros History: J.R. Richard

A new offseason segment to look back at some of the most magical seasons and records in Astros history. The second installment will highlight J.R. Richard's incredible - and vastly under appreciated - 1979 season.

Indicators Pointing Up For Astros

Examining How Leading Indicators Affect Potential Astros' Improvement

Historical Look: High Home Run, Low Average Teams

The Astros finished 2015 second in home runs as a team and among the worst in baseball in team batting average. Has this every happened before? What does it mean? Let's investigate.

Astros Pitch Framing Dominates Yankee Hitting

You can call it presentation. You can call it framing. You can call it "stealing strikes." The bottom line? The Astros' Jason Castro is just plain better at it than the Yankees' Brian McCann.

Keuchel Thrived on Short Rest

Worried About Keuchel? Fugetaboutit!

AL Wild Card Snapshot: Keuchel vs. A-Rod

The showdown that wasn't: With a two-run lead and two men on base, Astros' ace Dallas Keuchel faced Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez with the game on the line.

Astros/Yankees - Examining The Wild Card Rosters

Comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each team and pitting them against one another to judge which team has the advantage at each position.

Hot or Not?: Recent streaks for Astros players

Taking a closer look at which Astros players could some bench time and which shouldn't even sit down on it.