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Starting Nine

Starting Nine: How Do You Sign a Player Like Correa?

A roundtable discussion by the Crawfish Boxes staff on Correa’s free agency and the Astros.

The Starting Nine Makes its Bold 2020 Predictions and a few X-Factors

It’s a short season competing against an improved AL West. Anything could happen. What’s in store?

The TCB Starting Nine Drafts Competing Astros Best of All-Time Teams. Round 2

The teams are taking shape. One more round to go.

The TCB Starting Nine Drafts Competing Astros Best of All-Time Teams

Who will pick the best Astros team?

Starting Nine: The Crawfish Boxes Staff Reactions to The Astros Cheating Scandal

The mantra for most of the season has been "This is a great time to be an Astros fan." The last several weeks have not been great times. The TCB staff share their thoughts.

TCB’s Starting 9: Trade Deadline picks

We need someone... QUICK

Starting Nine: ALCS Advantages

TCB Staff highlights each team’s advantages ahead of the ALCS

Starting Nine: Astros trade for Justin Verlander

TCB staff talks about the Astros big move to add Justin Verlander.

TCB Starting 9: Justin Verlander and the Astros

Starting Nine: hot takes on the Astros’ deadline dealings

TCB staff members cut loose on Houston’s (in)actions at the Trade Deadline

Starting Nine: One Trade Deadline Prediction

TCB staffers each choose one player they think the Astros will acquire

Starting Nine: 2nd Half Predictions

TCB writers discuss which players they expect to improve or disappoint in the 2nd half of 2017

Starting Nine: Is Brad Peacock for Real?

Peacock has worked his way into the rotation, but will he last?

Starting Nine: 2017 Astros Season Predictions

TCB Staff makes their predictions for the 2017 Astros and AL Playoffs

Starting Nine: Bold Predictions for 2017 Astros

TCB Staff make some bold predictions for the approaching season

Starting Nine: 2017 Astros Impact Debut

TCB Staff discuss which newcomer(s) will help the Astros most in 2017

Starting Nine: Astros Opening Day Roster Predictions

TCB staff takes a crack at naming the Astros opening day roster.

Starting 9: Brian McCann and Josh Reddick

TCB Staff reacts to the Astros’ first shots fired during hot stove season.

Starting Nine: Wake up; September begins

Summer has come and passed, the playoffs are approaching fast, wake me up, September begins!

Starting Nine: Astros designate Carlos Gomez for assignment

Create Article - The Crawfish Boxes

Starting Nine: Are the 2016 Astros a playoff team?

TCB staff gets right to the point with Astros.

Starting Nine: Trade Deadline Edition

TCB writers give their thoughts on what to expect from the Astros at the trade deadline.

Starting Nine: Alex Bregman impact on the Astros

How will Astros' season change with their top prospect in tow?

Starting Nine: Astros Second Half Rising Stars

TCB staff writers weigh in on which Astros players they expect to be bigger factors in the second half.

Starting Nine: Expectations for Astros' Correa

The Crawfish Boxes writers discuss their 2016 expectations for Correa and if he has met them so far.

Starting Nine: The Closer Situation

Luke Gregerson's recent struggles, coupled with the success of others, has brought the closer question to the forefront.

Starting Nine: How would you fix the 2016 Astros?

TCB staff takes a crack at fixing the Astros problems.


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