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2021 player review: Alex Bregman

Injuries led to inconsistent results for the Astros third baseman in 2021, but beneath the surface may lie some compelling data.

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George Springer: Underdog

Part III: George Springer

Astros To Acquire Ryan Pressly From Twins

Astros trade two extremely valuable prospects to add yet another high-K rate right-handed reliever to a bullpen that was already extremely good

Breaking Down Machete’s Breaking In

Martin Maldonado is now a Houston Astro thanks to a trade with division-rival Anaheim. What does the trade mean, and how should we feel about it? Let’s examine.

BREAKING: Houston Astros Select RHP Jayson Schroeder with 2nd Round Pick in 2018 MLB Draft

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If Anyone Can the Astros Core Four Can

Part Four: Alex Bregman

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If Anyone Can, the Astros Core Four Can

Part II: Carlos Correa

Reading Between The Seams: The Cole Train’s Tracks (Part 6 of 6)

From the origins of Union Station to the Ryan Express, every track in Houston has been making Astros fandom ready for the Cole Train.

Reading Between The Seams: Hall Of Fame Hunger (Part 5 of 6)

The penultimate piece in the RBtS series looks at the man who’s been the face of elite starting pitching for more than a decade.

Reading Between The Seams: Keuchelangelo’s Swan Song (Part 4 of 6)

Dallas Keuchel, one of the best starting pitchers in baseball since 2014, is preparing for a big walk year

Reading Between The Seams: Lance Lets It All Eat (Part 3 of 6)

He projects as the third starter in line as the Astros open 2018, but Lance McCullers figures to be far greater than the sum of his seasons to date if he can stay healthy.

Reading Between The Seams: The Ghost Of Ground Chuck (Part 2 of 6)

He’s been "Ground Chuck" for most of his career. How Charlie Morton can continue his renaissance as K-Chuck.

Astros ALDS Game 4 starter Charlie Morton is one of the best pitchers in MLB

George Springer: the Astros’ underrated Super Star

Correa, Altuve, Bregman, Keuchel, McCullers! Feel the excitement! But there’s another guy who might be better than all of them.

TCB 2017 Top 30 Astros Prospects: 1-10

The Top 10 of the annual Crawfish Box’s Top 30 Prospects

TCB 2017 Top 30 Astros Prospects: 21-30

It’s the annual Crawfish Boxes Top 30 Astros Prospects! Here are numbers 21 through 30.

Jason Castro and the unknown effect on Astros pitchers

Jason Castro is a great defender by every available metric. But the Astros starters pitched worse with him, and the Astros made no effort to retain him. Why?

Analysis of new Astros McCann, Reddick, Morton, and Aoki

The Astros had a busy week, acquiring four major league veterans to complement an already strong core.

What to do with Chris Devenski?

Chris Devenski is a valuable player, for a number of reasons. How best can the Astros use him, though?

The Crawfish Boxes' Midseason Top 30 Astros Prospects

Better late than never, the staff of the Crawfish Boxes presents the Astros 2016 Midseason Top 30 Prospect Ranking

Down on the Farm: An AL West Trade Deadline Recap

The trade deadline has come and gone, so now it is time to get to know the new faces in the AL West, and more specifically the new prospects.

California Collegiate League Offers Extremes

After the bright lights of the College World Series in Omaha have faded away, teams turn their attention to the 2017 draft - and that means long hours in the sun watching summer baseball.

Astros 1B A.J. Reed: SUPERSTAR

The Astros’ new first baseman is everything you ever dreamed. And more.

Astros Dallas Keuchel is one unlucky dude

Keuchel has been terrible this season. But he won’t keep being terrible.

Astros select RHP Dustin Hunt in the 10th Round

The Astros end Day Two of the draft with a tall right-handed starter out of the Colonial Athletic Association, who dominated in the Cape Cod League.

2016 "Very Luhnow" College Draft Prospects

We do our annual deep dive into the four-year colleges, looking for hidden gems that may fit the Astros' drafting philosophies.

2016 MLB Draft Profile: Eric Lauer, LHP, Kent State

One of the highest floors you'll find in a left-handed pitcher in the 2016 MLB Draft

Michael Feliz: the Astros bring back the true fireman role

Michael Feliz is averaging two innings per relief appearance, and is destroying batters in high-leverage situations, a role that has not been seen with regularity since the 1970's and 80's.

Astros' Colby Rasmus has flipped the switch

Colby Rasmus has gone Mickey Mantle on baseball this season. Can he keep it up? You bet he can, and the numbers support it.

A bit about new Astros C Erik Kratz

The Astros acquired catcher Erik Kratz in trade yesterday. But why?

Astros' CF Marisnick is a clone of CF Gomez

The similarities are endless and encouraging between the Astros' two center fielders

Pitch F/X Scouting Report: Mike Fiers

The Astros have high hopes for Fiers coming into the 2016 season. With Lance McCullers slated to start the year on the disabled list Fiers will be asked to step into a larger role and help take some of the pressure off of Dallas Kuechel.