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Monday Night Baseball preview with ESPN's Dave Flemming

TCB talks with Dave Flemmings about the Astros, Giants, and broadcasting.

TCB sits down with ESPN's Aaron Boone

Former Astro and current ESPN broadcaster Aaron talks with TCB about the upcoming Red Sox Series, his time with the Astros, and broadcasting.

LIVE: Brett Phillips and $20 Million

Interview with Astros prospect Brett Phillips, the Astros intend to add $20 million to the payroll and listener questions.

Jeff Luhnow takes over Twitter

Highlights from the #AskLuhnow session conducted by Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow.

An Interview with A.J. Reed

This writer landed an exclusive with A.J. Reed a couple hours before the River Bandits played on Sunday. Here's what A.J. had to say.

Teoscar Hernandez, CF, Lancaster Jethawks (HiA)

Teoscar Hernandez has faced his share of adversity, away from his family eleven months a year while he tries to find his way to the major leagues. He handles it the only way he knows how: By working harder than everyone else.

PODCAST: The Dirk Hayhurst Podcast

Dirk Hayhurst joins us to talk about his book "The Bullpen Gospel," the draft day experience, conditions minor league players deal with and Jon Singleton and the Astros.

Mark Appel learns some control... or not.

To deal with the offensive environment in Lancaster - as well as just about anything else life brings his way - first-overall draft pick Mark Appel has learned to live with not being in complete control.

Astros Fanfest: Ryan, Porter, Luhnow Interviews

Astros welcome in the new year with Fanfest; preview season with Astros bloggers.

A Conversation with Astros Prospect Tyler Heineman

The Astros 2012 8th-round pick out of UCLA, catcher Tyler Heineman provided solid defense and an emerging bat in Lancaster in 2013. He found some time this offseason to talk to me about game-calling, pitch-receiving, and his 13-home run 2013 season.

A Conversation with Jason Martin

The Astros' 8th-round pick in 2013, Jason Martin is a blend of speed, patience, and defense that the Astros are hoping will develop into a very good leadoff man in the future. He took time off before instructionals to tell us about his first season.

A Q&A With Aaron West

Never ask for Aaron West around the Jethawks clubhouse. There, he's known as "Snacks." And he's been feasting on Cal League hitters this season. I pulled him aside for a Q&A before the August 18, 2013 game in Lancaster.

Hangin' With Astros County

Interview with James Yasko of Astros County. We discuss Jose Lima, interviewing Shane Reynolds and fixing the bullpen.

A Conversation With Joe Sclafani

A 14th-rounder out of Dartmouth, Joe Sclafani has always been a shortstop. But now, in a system stacked with quality infielders, he's finding ways to fit in and make himself useful.

Hangin' with How Many Altuve's

Hangin' with Astros County writer and How Many Altuve's creator Bryan Trostel. We discuss Brad Ausmus, Bud Norris and getting rid of the last few Astros seasons.

Spencer Pimpin the Crawfish Shirt

Spencer talks about growing up an Astros fan, being at the 18-inning playoff game in 2005, his hobbies, being stuck on a deserted island with Bo Porter and what the Astros should have done in the draft.

Loving the Astros through video games

Talking video games, the Astros' playoff runs, reality TV, Lance Berkman and positive Astros media coverage with our minor league writer Jordan Sams.

Hangin' With TCB: Jason Castro Has Dreamy Eyes

In this episode Terri Schlather joins us to talk about growing up in a football family. Her favorite moment being able to stand at Minute Maid Park home plate before it was Minute Maid Park home plate. The books she's written (EDITOR WANTED).

VIDEO: Back To The Astros With Anthony

We head back in time with Anthony to discover how Kevin Bass made him an Astros fan. We jump to a more recent time where Anthony collects postcards and is an aspiring screenwriter. We then jump to the future to watch the Astros play.

Hangin' With a Future Best Selling Author

Interview with TCB Astros stats and fantasy guru Chris Perry.

This stream has:

Hangin' With TCB

Interviewing TCB graphics artist and Astros fan Ryan Dunsmore.

LIVE: TCB Astros 2013 MLB Draft Coverage

Coverage of the Astros 2013 MLB Draft. We'll keep you up to date with the latest draft news, play pre-recorded interviews with draft experts and then react and analysis the Astros first selection.

Podcast: Talking With Four Draft Experts

On the regular TCB Podcast we talk about the Astros and the draft with Jim Callis of Baseball America and Jonathan Mayo of On the TCB AMP we talk about the Astros and the draft with Chuck Johnson of Prospect Pulse and Nick Faleris of BP

LIVE: Talking With MLB Draft Experts

The podcasts this week will focus on what the Astros intend to do in the 2013 MLB Draft.

Grilling Athletics Nation

Talking former Astro Jed Lowrie, Athletics outfielder Coco Crips, Astros secondbasemen Jose Altuve and the Athletics weakness with Alan Torres of Althetics Nation.

Podcast: Kevin Goldstein and the CC Hooks

Kevin Goldstein joins the podcast to talk about scouting, his hiring with the Astros and updates us on the status of his weird neighbors. In the Astros minors podcast we talk about the Corpus Christi Hooks pitching rotation and the draft.

LIVE: Kevin Goldstein Joins the Podcast

In the regular TCB podcast we'll be talking with Astros Pro Scouting Coordinator Kevin Goldstein. In the Astros Minors Podcast we'll be talking about the Corpus Christi Hooks.

LINKS: Interview, MLB Draft, and state of baseball

Cool links and Interviews, MLB Draft and the state of baseball links

Video: Jeff Luhnow Interview On MLB Now

Houston Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow joins Brian Kenny and Harold Reynold on MLB Networks newest show MLB Now to discuss the Astros rebuild, minor league policy and the draft.

Podcast: Brian T. Smith, Brett Wallace and CSN-H

Astros Beat writer for the Houston Chronicle Brian T. Smith interview, what's up with Brett Wallace and the CSN Houston blackout continues

MLB Draft: Number One Pick Becomes Clearer

Discussing the movers and shakers of the Astros potential number one pick in the 2013 MLB June Draft.

LIVE: Rangers, Nolan Ryan and Jim Crane

Talking with Lone Star Ball's Adam J. Morris about the Texas Rangers, Nolan Ryan and Astros owner Jim Crane speaks out about the minor leagues and how to run HIS team.


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