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Fantasy Baseball

This is a home for all your Astros-related fantasy content on The Crawfish Boxes.

Fantasy Crawfish: The Astros' Stellar Rotation

What a difference a few weeks make! The Astros' starting rotation has been one of the best in the biz over the past month, and fantasy managers should take notice.

Astros Crawfish Fantasy: Hidden Gems in H-Town

Unbeknownst to the national media, the Astros harbor a few hidden fantasy gems. CRPerry13 and illinibob discuss these players who have flown beneath the radar.

Crawfish Fantasy: Shameful Man-Crushes

How many chances does a Fantasy Flame get on your team before you realize that the honeymoon is over?

Crawfish Fantasy: Dump Trades and Vetoes

This week, CRPerry13 and illinibob discuss the ins-and-outs of fantasy dump trading.

Crawfish Fantasy: Hot and Cold Pitcher Starts

Which Fantasy pitchers who are stinking should you hold? Which good surprises should you be leery of? illinibob and CRPerry13 endeavor to answer these questions for a handful of notable pitchers.

Crawfish Fantasy: The Value of the Astros

This week, Robert and Chris discuss the current and future Astros' fantasy relevance.