Astros Mid-Season Stock Watch, Part I


I'm trying to keep everything the same over here since I moved up in the ranks at SB Nation Houston. But, the stock watch was one of the casualties. Don't worry, though. You'll still get content over here.

Stadium Journey visits The Hangar


We linked to this site last season when they visited Minute Maid Park. This time around, they visit Clear Channel Stadium in Lancaster. Check it out.

Jose Altuve to represent Astros at Futures Game.


This kid just continues to tear the cover off the ball! Here's hoping to see him in Houston sometime in 2012.

Astros fan take to eBay to abort their fandom


I know they are moving, but I guess its bad enough that since they are moving they are just going to conveniently desert their Astros gear in the process.

Woman steals foul ball from little girl, Disgusting


This Greedy SOB took a foul ball from the hands of a little girl at an Astros game. She failed to catch it, but when it lands in the little girl's hands, she snatches it up and proudly shows it off to the people sitting in her section, while the little girl walks away, depressed that the lady took the ball from her.

Ramirez, Dopirak released, Urkfitz promoted, Esposito, DeLome activated


Lyon placed on 15-day DL... again.


Chalk one up for Brad Arnsberg. Lyon gives a new meaning to DL... designated loser.

Arnsberg Let Go, Brocail Named Interim Pitching Coach


This is surprising. Way to make him a scapegoat.

Footer Reports Arnsberg Axed


Wade will hold a presser at 4:10. Brocail interim pitching coach. Thoughts?

I saw George Springer a number of times this spring and got video. Here are three of the better...


I saw George Springer a number of times this spring and got video. Here are three of the better videos. Thought the readers here might be interested. The game write ups are on my site as well Here are 2 more games (didn't want to make it 3 fanshots) Against Louisville: Against Pittsburgh: