Ranking MLB's all-time greatest uniforms


I enjoyed this list but the Astros Tequila Sunrise uniforms are ranked waaaay too low in 15th. I get that most of the top five are old school clubs like the Dodgers, Yankees and Cubs but the Astros jerseys should rank much higher

Alex Bregman Signed Custom Cleats Benefiting Charity


Custom Signed Cleats Designed & Signed by Alex Bregman Benefits Adapted Sports, Recreation and Fitness Programs for Children, Adults & Veterans with Disabilities

Astros hire Tampa Bay Rays' James Click as GM


"James Click, a 14-year member of the Tampa Bay Rays organization, will succeed Jeff Luhnow, owner Jim Crane announced Monday. Click was most recently the Rays' vice president of baseball operations. The 42-year-old Yale graduate was a Baseball Prospectus writer before joining the Rays' front office in 2006."

Jake Marisnick to be traded to Mets


Ken Rosenthal reports a Marisnick trade to the Mets is imminent. Details to come.

Update: Per Jeff Passan, the Astros will receive Blake Taylor and Kenedy Corona.

Update 2: Full article now up by Spencer Morris, with breakdown on the prospects received.

Cole was indeed rolling tonight


Praying he can stay with the Astros for a long time

Astros Player I.D. Help?


I was at the Royals Astros game this past Friday the 13th in Kansas City and this Astros player was gracious enough to autograph my baseball for me before the game. Only trouble is I'm not sure who he is. I sat above the Astros bullpen during the game and I'm pretty sure I saw him in there, but he was always wearing a jacket so his name and number were covered. Anyone who can identify him for me? Thanks.

Alex Bregman compliments a 9 year old’s swing on Twitter and makes a kid’s day


Alex Bregman compliments a 9 year old’s swing on Twitter and offers to hit with him. Naturally, the kid goes nuts, and I’d like to think a new Astros fan has been made.

Phoenix Suns GM references Astros in rebuilding process


"'Three years is kind of the right amount of time to acquire a decent amount of young talent, other draft picks and salary flexibility,' said (General Manager Ryan) McDonough, adding that he studied the rebuilding process of Golden State and Oklahoma City, as well as the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs. 'I think if you go beyond that, the losing starts to set in and the guys start to become accustomed to that and the bar is lowered.'"

RIP Rusty Staub


Rusty Staub passed away today at the age of 73. Colt .45/Astro fans remember him well, but he made his mark in Montreal & with the New York Mets.