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Thank you, Crawfish Boxes readers

We appreciate all of you who came along with us for the 2018 season

2018 is the Best that Modern Astros Baseball has to Offer

Why this season just might be the most exciting of the Luhnow era

Roberto Osuna, the Anguish of Not Knowing, and the Limits of Fandom

What have you done, Jeff Luhnow?

Astros To Acquire Ryan Pressly From Twins

Astros trade two extremely valuable prospects to add yet another high-K rate right-handed reliever to a bullpen that was already extremely good

On The Astros: Last Minute Trade-Deadline Targets

The Astros have likely already made their biggest trade...but what else might be on the docket before Tuesday’s non-waiver trade deadline?

Breaking Down Machete’s Breaking In

Martin Maldonado is now a Houston Astro thanks to a trade with division-rival Anaheim. What does the trade mean, and how should we feel about it? Let’s examine.

What a Player Owes

An athlete’s opinion about his job shouldn’t matter, but seems to stir controversy anyways

Houston Astros Sprinting through Stretch of Weaker Competition

The run is almost over, but the Astros have been taking care of business thus far

My Father’s Gift

How a day with my father shaped what would become a lifelong love for the Astros

The Psychology of a Grudge

Why Ken Giles will never be good enough for some Astros fans

On The Astros: Potential “Very Luhnow” Trade Targets

An attempt to look at the type of acquisition that might, at the 1⁄3 point of the season, make some sense for the Astros based on what we know of the team’s proclivities

If There’s A Concern, It Might Be...Jose Altuve?

Don’t grease up those torches or sharpen those pitchforks, though! We have Bugs Bunny .gifs!

On The Astros: Ted Talk

As Astros fans revel in a glorious spring from the owner of what is already one of the iconic swings in franchise history, the table-pounding for a promotion has the question buzzing: What does he have left to prove in the minor leagues?

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If Anyone Can the Astros Core Four Can

Part Four: Alex Bregman

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If Anyone Can, the Astros Core Four Can

Part II: Carlos Correa

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If Anyone Can, The Astros Core Four Can

Why This Team's Uncommon Character Can Build a Dynasty (Part 1 of 4)

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How would MiLB's Extra Innings Designated Runner rule have impacted the 2017 Astros?

A brief look at how the horrendous Minor League extra innings Rule Change announced by MLB would have affected the Astros at the Major League Level in 2017, hard it been implemented then.

Reading Between The Seams: The Cole Train’s Tracks (Part 6 of 6)

From the origins of Union Station to the Ryan Express, every track in Houston has been making Astros fandom ready for the Cole Train.

Reading Between The Seams: Hall Of Fame Hunger (Part 5 of 6)

The penultimate piece in the RBtS series looks at the man who’s been the face of elite starting pitching for more than a decade.

Reading Between The Seams: Keuchelangelo’s Swan Song (Part 4 of 6)

Dallas Keuchel, one of the best starting pitchers in baseball since 2014, is preparing for a big walk year

Reading Between The Seams: Lance Lets It All Eat (Part 3 of 6)

He projects as the third starter in line as the Astros open 2018, but Lance McCullers figures to be far greater than the sum of his seasons to date if he can stay healthy.

Is It Art-uve? Or Altuve-geta?

Ohio-based artist Scott Brady will, for a modest price, custom-generate artistic interpretations for you. See his piece for an Astros superfan, and find out how you can get your own.

Reading Between The Seams: The Ghost Of Ground Chuck (Part 2 of 6)

He’s been "Ground Chuck" for most of his career. How Charlie Morton can continue his renaissance as K-Chuck.

Reading Between The Seams: The Baseball, Justin Verlander, and Denial (Part 1 of 6)

A new series intended to preview the Astros starting pitching gets an important addendum in its initial installment.

The Four Horsemen

Their Coming Was Foretold

On The Astros: A Yelich-us For The Rest Of Us?

A fan’s amateur look at the feasibility and machinations of a potential Christian Yelich trade for the Astros

On The Astros: A Second Look At 2017 Free Agent Relievers

Another perspective on prospective free agent relief pitching targets for the Astros this winter

On The Astros: Orange & Black Majick

A brief overview of the limited history of Halloween Baseball

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Five Games, Three Time Zones, and A Whole Lotta Baseball

A Look-Back at Pre-season Predictions

So how did those predictions from our "experts" work out?

On The Astros: Inside The 2017 AL MVP Race

It’s a two horse race. Or is it?

Bagwell joins Biggio in raising the bar for the Astros franchise