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Erik Kratz has provided much needed context, but the Astros’ road to vindication is still long

Assessing the ex-catcher’s claims and how they fit into the big picture.

MLB’s lack of caution with the Astros’ COVID outbreak is glaring

It appears the Astros have not received the same treatment as other teams.

Seven Inning Games Suck!

Nothing says "We Don’t Give a damn" like shortened games

The Astros do not need to acquire a closer, for they already have one

A Proven Closer™ may not be on the Astros’ roster, but one of the game’s best relievers is.

James Click Will Have to Replace the Irreplaceable With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

The parameters the Astros will operate under this winter seem to have been set, and they are far from ideal for our resident GM

The Cheating Scandal has made Everyone Stupid

Hell is other baseball fans

Joe Kelly is Proof that this was Never About Integrity

The idea that Joe Kelly’s actions were "honorable" is a product of manufactured narrative, not righteous justice

The Fragility of the 2020 Season

Baseball will soldier on in 2020, but how long before another disaster strikes?

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George Springer: Underdog

Part III: George Springer

Carlos Beltran, A.J. Hinch and the Cheating Scandal

A theory of the team leadership dynamic that may have contributed to the cheating scandal.

Love and Baseball in the Time of Coronavirus

MLB may be shut down for the foreseeable future, but a hiccup in the 2020 season is worth it to help prevent loss of life and health for our fellow Americans

Astros Fans Don’t Owe You Anything

If people want to yell at the Astros for cheating that’s fine, but we’re not obligated to roll over and take it

Baseball Media and the Optics of Anger

The Astros cheated and people are rightfully angry, but maybe reporters willing to trade objectivity for likes and page views are part of the problem

The Astros R Us

The wider implications of the Astros cheating scandal

The Legacy of Luhnow

Jeff Luhnow changed the way organizations approach building a winning baseball team. But will he be remembered for that?

A Return to the Limits of Fandom

The Astros have pushed the envelope in so many ways, but I never thought my love of the team would be one of them

Houston Astros: You reap what you sow.

Issues at SB Nation

The California legislature takes aim at the "gig economy" with ramifications throughout the SB Nation

Merry Christmas from the Crawfish Boxes!

To every member of our community and those they hold dear, we wish you a very merry Christmas!

Cheating has Evolved, so why can’t Major League Baseball?

The Astros will be punished for stealing signs in 2017, but the problem will persist without changes

Remember the Ride, Not the Destination

The 2019 Houston Astros were more than just Game 7 of the World Series.

Gerrit Cole is Forever an Astro

He may never pitch in the colors of this team again, but his legacy will always be rooted in Houston

The Taubman Controversy is a PR Disaster of the Astros’ Own Making

I love this team but how could they have gotten it so wrong?

Robert Ford and Steve Sparks are an Oasis in the Postseason Announcer Wasteland

If not Buck and Smoltz, why not Ford and Sparks?

Evaluating Astros off-season acquisitions

How have our new guys done compared to the guys other teams got?

Astros Trade Deadline analysis: The morning after.

Trade deadline was a great day for the Astros, but was there a downside?

The Houston Astros are Ready to Move on from Max Stassi, and That Would be a Mistake

Jeff Luhnow is looking for a new catcher, which may spell the end of Max Stassi’s time with the Houston Astros.

Trade Deadline Landmine: Madison Bumgarner

When it comes to players to avoid this trade deadline season for the Astros, Madison Bumgarner has to be near the top of the list

Two TCB views on the suspension of Jake Marisnick

We take pride in having a diversity of opinion here at TCB, and here ckuno and bilbos give two different takes on Marisnick’s suspension. More opinions from our staff may be forthcoming.

The Reinvention of the Rebuild

Everyone agrees that free agency has changed thanks to a new way of doing business, but is it really worse?

Thank you, Crawfish Boxes readers

We appreciate all of you who came along with us for the 2018 season

2018 is the Best that Modern Astros Baseball has to Offer

Why this season just might be the most exciting of the Luhnow era


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