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2021 Hall of Fame Results are a Shut Out

No one got in this time, but things look promising for a number of players on this year’s ballot

Hall of Fame 2021: Re-evaluating Andy Pettitte, Mark Buehrle, and Tim Hudson

The Hall of Fame has had a rough time inducting starting pitchers lately; maybe a trio on the ballot this year deserves a second look

The 2020 Astros and the Recent History of Slow-Starting Pennant Winners

Their record in 60 games may not have looked great, but the Astros are in good company on that regard; what a 162-game season might have looked like

2020 Postseason Trivia Bonanza

Which remaining teams have the longest droughts? The best players without a title? And more!

Astros Dream Draft Tournament, Game 2: Hatter Colt 45’s Shoot Down the Theta Rainbows

It was close, but the Colt 45’s wasted fewer opportunities, and will be moving

Baseball Video Game Reviews: Super Mega Baseball 3

Indie studio Metalhead Software’s series is a modern classic of the genre

My Astros Franchise Draft Strategy

Here’s my team and how I picked them; I’m pretty proud of the end result

Predicting the Next Retired Number for Every Team

What does the next decade or so have in store for retired numbers around the league?

Vote Lance Berkman for TCB March Madness

Lance Berkman was the face of an era for the Astros

Craig Biggio is the Easy Pick for TCB’s March Madness

Why the Astros’ first Hall of Famer should be your #1 pick