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The Astros Paid a Steep Price at the Trade Deadline, but Their Recent Prospect Development Successes Might Offset Those Losses

The Astros traded away a lot of prospects this Trade Deadline, but the future might not be as rough as it looks right now

Jose Abreu’s Career Is Even Greater Than the Sum of 1500 Hits

Following the slugger’s career milestone, let’s take a look back at his entire career

The Starting Nine Discusses the Rule Changes in Major League Baseball

We only got an infield to weigh in on this one, but feel free to add your comments

Scott Rolen Snags a Hall of Fame Plaque, Plus a Breakdown of the Rest of the Results

The third baseman edges past the 75% mark, and several other players set themselves up for 2024

Previewing Next Week’s Hall of Fame Announcements

Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, and Billy Wagner all have the early vote numbers, but what do their chances at induction this year actually look like?

Previewing the 2023 Veterans Committee Announcement

The first part of annual Hall of Fame voting takes place this Sunday! Here’s how things are shaping up:

David Ortiz is the BBWAA’s Lone 2022 Inductee, but Several More Poised to Follow

Only David Ortiz met the threshold for induction this year, but the outlook is bright for some who fell short.

Starting Nine: How Do You Sign a Player Like Correa?

A roundtable discussion by the Crawfish Boxes staff on Correa’s free agency and the Astros.

2021 Hall of Fame Results are a Shut Out

No one got in this time, but things look promising for a number of players on this year’s ballot

Hall of Fame 2021: Re-evaluating Andy Pettitte, Mark Buehrle, and Tim Hudson

The Hall of Fame has had a rough time inducting starting pitchers lately; maybe a trio on the ballot this year deserves a second look