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Read between the lines and you’ll see Ryan Pressly as the Astros’ closer in 2021

Astros GM James Click recently gave Pressly a vote of confidence. To this point, it seems the veteran righty will close games for Houston next year.

Based on 2020, the Astros have a big RISP-situation problem entering 2021

Martín Maldonado was the Astros’ best hitter with runners in scoring position, while other regulars struggled heavily at the plate in those scenarios.

Should the Astros get Puig if the price is low enough?

Puig’s name is often linked to problems off and on the field, but he could be a short-term solution for Houston considering how productive he can be.

The Astros NEED the best of Yordan Álvarez’s bat back in 2021

The young Cuban was a big offensive boost for the team in 2019, when he won the AL Rookie of the Year award. That’s the Yordan they need back in their lineup.

Enoli Paredes as a starter? Why not?

The 25-year-old Dominican was effective out of the ‘pen in 2020, but the Astros could take advantage of his experience as starter in the Minors.

Toro, Straw, or Jones? Who will get the most playing time in 2021 for the Astros?

This will be one of the most interesting questions for the Astros going forward into 2020. Let’s take a look!

I was wrong about Kyle Tucker

Kyle Tucker exploded in 2020, not in 2021. His era in Houston, fortunately, began a year earlier than expected.

Leadoff candidate: Alex Bregman

With George Springer gone, Alex Bregman might be the number one candidate to occupy the first spot of the lineup in 2021.

Could Jackie Bradley Jr. be an option for the Astros?

While George Springer remains as a free agent, the Astros are taking a look at other center-field alternatives.

Who will close for the Astros in 2021?

Ryan Pressly saved 12 games in 2020 for Houston, but he’s been more efficient as a setup throughout his career. The team has some months left to decide what to do.