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My name is Jason Marbach. I'm a single father to two beautiful, wonderful little girls whom I love more than my own life. I'm also an avid music fan, having been a professional, touring singer songwriter for the better part of ten years. But the one constant through all my life, the first love that never quite let me go and still hovers nearby despite being eclipsed by the love I have for my daughters and my girlfriend, has been baseball. That simply complex, wonderfully heartbreaking amalgam of bitter resentment and joyous chaos; that fine line between utter, heartfelt poetry in motion and cold, calculated mathematical equation. A game of inches in which 90 feet separate the bases, ten hits can be the difference between hitting .280 and .300 over 550 at bats, and the very best players in the world still fail 65% of the time...yes. That is my passion in life.

Trade Deadline Landmine: Madison Bumgarner

When it comes to players to avoid this trade deadline season for the Astros, Madison Bumgarner has to be near the top of the list

Buy-Low Trade Candidate: Chris Archer

Yeah, the one with the ERA over 5 and the FIP over 6. Why? Read on...

Astros To Acquire Ryan Pressly From Twins

Astros trade two extremely valuable prospects to add yet another high-K rate right-handed reliever to a bullpen that was already extremely good

On The Astros: Last Minute Trade-Deadline Targets

The Astros have likely already made their biggest trade...but what else might be on the docket before Tuesday’s non-waiver trade deadline?

Breaking Down Machete’s Breaking In

Martin Maldonado is now a Houston Astro thanks to a trade with division-rival Anaheim. What does the trade mean, and how should we feel about it? Let’s examine.

BREAKING: Houston Astros Select RHP Jayson Schroeder with 2nd Round Pick in 2018 MLB Draft

On The Astros: Potential “Very Luhnow” Trade Targets

An attempt to look at the type of acquisition that might, at the 1⁄3 point of the season, make some sense for the Astros based on what we know of the team’s proclivities

If There’s A Concern, It Might Be...Jose Altuve?

Don’t grease up those torches or sharpen those pitchforks, though! We have Bugs Bunny .gifs!

Game Thread No.12: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins, Apr 10, 2018 7:10 PM CDT

Join the conversation as the Astros and Twins do battle in the tundra of Minneapolis

GameThread No.7: Houston Astros vs. Baltimore Orioles, Apr 4, 2018 1:10 PM CDT

The Astros, true to expectations, look like an unstoppable behemoth for the ages.