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My name is pronounced like the Heisman Trophy. I am a contributor at The Crawfish Boxes. Have been covering the Astros since the 2014 offseason. Now, I am the co-host of Talking Stros on KTXF-dB The Reel, on TuneIn radio. Don’t forget about my Locked On Astros Podcast. When I'm not talking Astros, I am a teacher, father, and husband.

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Verlander and Cole Are Set to Battle for the AL Cy Young Award for the Astros

Do the Astros have the two best pitchers in the AL? Which is better?

Would We Have Seen the Rise of Yordan Alvarez if the Astros Signed Nelson Cruz?

How would Yordan Alvarez been affected if Astros signed Cruz?

Astros Option Straw, Urquidy, Abreu Following Arrival of Deadline Acquisitions

Trade acquisitions Greinke, Sanchez and Biagini will be added to the active roster.

Astros Make Four Trades For Now and Later

The Astros get their third ace in Zack Greinke

Talking Stros: The Astros Traded for Zack Greinke, What’s Next?

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TCB’s Starting 9: Trade Deadline picks

We need someone... QUICK

Could the Astros Target A Quick Fix Starter?

The Astros will likely still go get a big time starter.

Astros Will Use the Opener Tonight vs. Angels

The bullpen will be used a lot over the next two games.

Are the Astros the Most Interested in Trevor Bauer?

Could the Astros trade for nemesis pitcher Trevor Bauer?