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MLB’s threat to lose games confirms that the league’s lockout was always a cynical ploy

Suspicions stemming from the early days of the lockout have been validated.

The Astros may have the assets to pursue a significant trade. Should they?

Improved depth could embolden the club to make more names available in trade talks, thus enabling them to target higher caliber big leaguers.

Jason Castro deserves a bigger role in 2022

The Astros gave sparse playing time to the 11-year veteran in 2021.

How much longer can the Astros prolong their contention window?

Another offseason, another premium player at risk of departing Houston.

A retrospective look at Zack Greinke’s tenure in Houston

Even though it didn’t net them a championship, the Astros more or less got what they wanted out of their last blockbuster trade.

When the Astros extended Dusty Baker, they risked losing Joe Espada. It may soon become reality.

The Astros bench coach is a candidate for multiple managerial jobs, including one where he is a finalist.

2021 player review: Alex Bregman

Injuries led to inconsistent results for the Astros third baseman in 2021, but beneath the surface may lie some compelling data.

As lockout looms large, it appears the Astros may have already made their biggest offseason moves

Beginning on Sunday, teams made a mad dash to sign many of the market’s top free agents in an effort to beat Wednesday night’s CBA buzzer. The Astros were not among them.

Astros net Héctor Neris with a 2-year, $17 million contract

The ex-Phillies reliever brings his nasty splitter to Houston.

Stagnant CBA negotiations could delay the Astros’ next big move

There are several high-quality position players available in free agency, and the Astros are expected to sign at least one... eventually.