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How Has The Offense Fared In The World Series?

Answer: Not great.

José Urquidy’s Return To The Strike Zone

Time Marches On To The 2021 World Series

The mute button might be your friend this week.

The Pitching Plan for Game 6

Luis García’s performance could hold considerable sway how the pitching staff is deployed against the Red Sox.

ALCS Game 4 Thread. October 19, 2021, 7:08 CDT. Astros @ Red Sox

Facing a crucial Game 4, the Astros turn to Zack Greinke to try to right the ship.

Not Enough Pitching

The Astros are facing an uphill battle in the ALCS.

Lance McCullers Jr. Likely Unavailable for the ALCS

Pitch Usage Watch, Postseason Edition: Lance McCullers Jr.

The Astros send out their ace for Game 1 and how he utilizes his pitches is key to start the ALDS.

Postseason Aspirations May Rely Upon a Leaky Bullpen

The Astros’ goal of another World Series title could ride on how well the relief corps hold up in October.

SB Nation Reacts: Drama abounds in push for the postseason

Thankfully the Astros don’t have to worry about much in terms of drama this weekend.