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Keep an eye on Ty Buttrey

With most of the roster likely already set before Spring Training, there remains room for competition in the bullpen.

The Paradigm Shift

Does the hiring of Dana Brown represent a change in philosophy for the Astros and Jim Crane? Possibly.

A Quick Glance At The Projections, Bullpen Edition

Regression is likely in the cards, but how much?

The Latest General Manager Rumors and Some Thoughts

A 2023 Payroll Rankings Refresher And Thoughts About The Offseason

While the Astros have been active to a degree, their competition has added salary at a blistering pace.

A Quick Glance At The Projections, Starting Pitching Edition

Please, don’t freak out.

What are the Astros doing at catcher?

Michael Brantley returns to the Astros; how does he fit within this lineup?

That Time Cristian Javier Adjusted to Ronald Acuña Jr.

Breaking down one of my favorite set of moments from the Astros’ hurler in 2022.

Farewell to Justin Verlander; where do the Astros go next?

Houston literally loves Justin Verlander.