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Phil Maton is a reliever to watch in 2022

A trade deadline acquisition from Cleveland may hold a prominent role in the Astros’ 2022 bullpen.

Five Thoughts About The State Of The Astros

Two years to the day when the sign-stealing punishment was announced.

A Preview Of Sorts For Center Field Possibilities

Looking at three potential landing spots for Carlos Correa

The star shortstop’s services will be in high demand when the lockout is lifted.

Rotation Ought Not Be An Issue For The Astros

The 2022 starting staff, on paper, has depth. That’s one positive development from this offseason.

The Astros’ remaining wish list likely dependent on tax threshold adjustments

The ongoing CBA negotiations will dictate how clubs approach free agency when labor peace is restored.

The Lockout Is Here, So What’s Next?

The long winter begins.

Starting Nine: How Do You Sign a Player Like Correa?

A roundtable discussion by the Crawfish Boxes staff on Correa’s free agency and the Astros.

Astros Bet on Past Performance and Assume Risk with Justin Verlander’s Return

This starting staff received its reinforcements in the form of a familiar face.

Addressing the pitching staff is a must this offseason

Regardless of what transpires with free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa, the Astros are likely in the market for some pitching help.