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Astros Defense and Run Prevention

Is the starting pitching and team defense stumbling at the same time?

Give Chas McCormick Some Credit

Chas McCormick’s playing time has grown this year—and he has responded with a career year

Two Nuggets of Information About Astros’ pitching

Two nuggets of information: (1) possible indicators of pitching over/under performance, (2) bullpen usage and workload

Exploring An Astros Pitching Question

Diving into current issues about the pitching staff

Looking At Astros’ Playoff Percentages

An "under the hood" examination of Astros’ playoff odds

Game 111 Astros vs. Yankees Game Thread

Astros’ Jeremy Peña Struggling on Offense

An important defensive cog ia a problem on offensive

Assorted Astros’ Thoughts

A few Astros musings this week, including an Astros free agent signing redux, worse fielding, and playoff odds

Game Thread for Game 104 Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Expectations for Astros’ Abreu and Bregman

If Abreu and Bregman meet expectations for the rest of season, the Astros’ lineup will be imposing