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Astros’ Playoff Roulette

Astros’ Playoff Odds In Flux As Arizona Series Begins...and What Happens If They Advance

Will the real Jeremy Pena stand up?

The up and down nature of Pena’s season....and an update on Fangraphs playoff odds

Is Cristian Javier Back on Track?

if Javier has conquered his 2023 performance issues, this could be an important development over the remaining 9 games and potentially the playoffs

Astros’ Run Expectancy & Pitch Framing

Examining the Astros’ best at increasing the probability of scoring runs....also, pitch framing and umpires

Quick Thoughts: Astros Face Final 15 Games

Ruminating on Astros’ batter splits and the impact of batters’ playing time on the final 15 games

The puzzle that is the Astros’ rotation

Figuring out the rotation and factors which might affect it

Playoff Race: Astros Can’t Let Up

The AL West race has just begun. It’s not over ‘till it’s over.

Astros Home Field (Dis)Advantage

Why are the Astros Playing Worse at Home?

Astros Offense: Stats Edition

Evaluating Astros’ Batters Based on Advanced Stats

Five Astros Related Things

Five Statistical Points Related to the Astros