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What’s Up With Graveman’s Recent Performance?

Kendall Graveman struggled in recent outings. Just a hiccup or something to cause worry?

Impact of Astros Defense on Pitchers’ Performance

Difference Between Astros’ Pitcher ERA and FIP Explained by Team’s Defense

Evaluating the bullpen with Run Expectancy Statistics

RE24 is a win probability stat that can tell us how well relief pitchers performed

What does run expectancy tell us about the Astros’ offense?

Astros lead all teams in RE 24 win probability statistic

Do the Astros have the trade value to reinforce the team at the deadline?

Evaluating Potential Trade Value Surplus

Report: Astros Sign Altuve Long Term

Astros Offense vs. Lefthanded Pitching

Red Sox May Use 4 LH Starters

Astros Batters and RE 24

Sabermetrics: Run Expectancy, Reddick, Astros Offense

TCB Offseason Orbit (Vol. 2)

Discussing Minor Leaguers to watch, the Front Office, Free Agency, Firemen, A.J. Reed, and more!

Carlos Correa and Offensive Production

News Flash: Carlos Correa is Good.