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Diving deep into the Astros’ Gerrit Cole trade

The Astros acquired starting pitcher Gerrit Cole from the Pirates. Here’s everything you need to know about what the Astros got, what they gave up, and perhaps most importantly, what they didn’t give up.

Astros Hot Stove: An Insider’s Look at the Cole Trade

We revisit Jeff Luhnow and the Astros with a true look at what actually happened.

Yes, Virginia, there is payroll room for Stanton, Correa, and Altuve.

Holy guacamole...could the Astros build the best offense of all time with one big trade?

Do the Astros or Yankees have a brighter future? A debate between fans

Noted Astros process apologist CRPerry13 debates infamous Yankees Twitter troll @realMaxFairplay to settle the question that has been gnawing at the entire world for at least the last few minutes

World Series 2017: Astros vs. Dodgers was the best series of all time

2017 World Series Game 4: Dodgers at Astros

The Astros look to carry their momentum into Game 4 of the World Series versus the Dodgers

Astros lose Game 1 of the World Series and I ain’t even mad

I ain’t mad. Here’s why

Astros ALDS Game 4 starter Charlie Morton is one of the best pitchers in MLB

Worried about the Astros in the Playoffs? Stop.

Astros seemingly trade for RHP Tyler Clippard

The Astros (we think) have traded for reliever Tyler Clippard, according to Tyler Clippard.