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Updated: Former Astros Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo killed in car crash

Go home, Marlins. You’re drunk.

Lay off Astros RF Josh Reddick, willya?

Just for fun: Bryce Harper to the Astros?

The odds are against it. But could the Astros realistically land Bryce Harper without crippling the budget?

I don’t want Nelson Cruz for the Astros, and here’s why

The headline pretty much says it all, so there’s not much point in summarizing here, but I am obligated to type something.

Predicting Astros batter regression in 2018

Astros considering a swap of OF Tucker for C Realmuto...or not.

The Astros are reportedly considering dealing stud prospect Kyle Tucker for Marlins catcher JT Realmuto. doesn’t add up.

Everything you’ve read about this Hot Stove season is false

It’s true. The narrative being spun in the baseball media is fake news.

The 2018 Houston Astros Bullpen

The rotation and lineup are set. But who’s in the bullpen for the 2018 Houston Astros?

MLB suspends Astros minor leaguers Singleton, Deetz

Astros 1B Jon Singleton and RHP Dean Deetz both were suspended by MLB today, for different drug-related offenses. For Singleton, this may be the end of the line.