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The 2019 Houston Astros have the best offense since the ‘27 Yankees

It’s true!

TCB’s Starting 9: Trade Deadline picks

We need someone... QUICK

Astros expert Chris Perry explains to Blue Jays fans how to survive a brutal rebuild

Our frenemies at Bluebird Banter find themselves in need of consolation, and have asked the perspective of Astros fans who suffered through the lean years.

Buy or Sell: Jake Marisnick’s performance

Jake is hitting amazingly well in 2019. The author tries to determine why the author’s dire preseason predictions were wrong. Or were they?

Behind the curtain: the Astros’ front office’s fearsome reputation

Fangraphs posted their Top 39 Astros Prospects list today, and the article comes with one doozy of a statement that opens up an interesting perspective into front office relations and strategies.

The most ridiculously optimistic article ever written about the 2019 Houston Astros

Projection systems are missing context. The 2019 Astros are going to be EPIC.

Wade Miley fits the Houston Astros, and could be a bargain gem

The Astros’ signing of Wade Miley could go down as this year’s smart move that didn’t look exciting when it was first made.

The Astros’ Rotation is going to be just fine. Nay, amazing.

Anxiety abounds over two-thirds of the Astros’ rotation departing. They’re going to be just fine.

Analytics are good for player contracts, not bad. The Astros proved it.

Astros send J.D. Davis to Mets in exchange for prospects

The Astros dealt from depth to acquire multiple future assets