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Cancun FC: Inigo Idiakez

Taking a deeper look at Cancun FC’s new Coach.

Luhnow’s Next Chapter: Cancun FC

Will Luhnow’s analytic approach revolutionize another sport?

Can Strom do it again?

Taking over the Pitching Coach of arguably the worst pitching staff, can he repeat his miracles?

Expectations for Odorizzi

Taking a deeper look at Jake Odorizzi’s past, performance, and projections

Expectations for Jose Urquidy

Taking a deeper look at Jose Urquidy’s past, performance, and projections

Cashman takes a swing at the ‘Stros

Taking a look at the Yankee / Astros performances

Expectations for Luis Garcia

Taking a deeper look at results, projections, and my thoughts.

Yuli Gurriel: One of the All-Time Greats

Taking a deeper look after his incredible 2021 season

Independent League Baseball: Atlantic League

Taking a quick look at the top level of Independent Ball

Newly “Agreed to” Rules

Discussing each of the proposed rule changes