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Totally Not Fake News: All Going to Plan

Perhaps he might have been playing us the fool, instead of acting like one?

Totally Not Fake News: Necessity the Mother of Invention

To solve the big problems, you need to explore all avenues of approach

Totally Not Fake News: All Going to Plan

The Astros are neither off to a good or bad start. They are exactly where they want to be...wait, did we just write that?

No Hangover Worse Than a World Series Runner-Up Hangover

If you think the morning after can be rough, try the season after...

Replacing the Unmeasurable with Correa’s Departure

His loss cost the team in more ways than one.

Is Baseball Facing A Period of Irrevocable Decline or Growth? 

Can something be both dying and ready to be reborn?

Totally Not Fake News: Various Proposals

For all the proposals and offers in the open, there are so many more behind closed doors...

Totally Not Fake News: Time for “The Show”

Training time is over. The games are about to be played for real…and for keeps.

Starting Nine: How Do You Sign a Player Like Correa?

A roundtable discussion by the Crawfish Boxes staff on Correa’s free agency and the Astros.

It’s Over. Now What?

Not really the article I wanted to write, but here we are...