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2014 8th Round Pick: Bobby Boyd, CF, West Virginia

Speed and contact at the plate. It's his calling card.

Ryan Dunsmore


Bobby Boyd can make a lot of contact from the left side. He also has a lot of speed. But, what he doesn't have is power. He's smaller type player, 5'9", 180 pounds. He's just not going to impress on first sight.

This season, the left-handed hitter batted .356 with 8 doubles, 2 triples, and a home run. He drew ten walks and struck out 29 times. He stole 18 bases in 20 attempts. He may have a true plus hit tool, but without power or an ability to draw walks, he doesn't carry a high on-base percentage. There's potential for a good amount of doubles with his gap power. Appears to slap the ball at times but has the ability to square up and drive the ball into the gaps as well.

Defensively, he has good range due to his true 70 grade speed. However, his arm is limited, so he probably can't fill in at RF.

His value is solely locked into his speed and ability to make contact.


Organizational guy.


His ultimate ceiling is probably a guy with a .300 average with low walk rate and decent strikeout rate. Good amount of doubles and 25-30 stolen bases. He will track down plenty of balls in the outfield but will struggle to hold runners.

Will he sign?

Yes? I expect him to because I think he's mostly maxed out and has nothing left to prove.


Baseball Draft Report

I like SO OF Bobby Boyd as a more refined version of Wilson. He’s a player to watch due to his plus speed, leadoff approach, and impressive range in center field. It’ll be interesting to see if he can grow into some power over the next two or three seasons at WVU. Fellow sophomore 2B Billy Fleming is more of a sleeper, but I like him as a grinder-type who might be able to make some inroads with scouts who dig his gritty style of play.