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2014 Sixth Round Pick: Brock Dykxhoorn, RHP, Central Arizona College

JUCO pitcher with great strikeout numbers but lacks great velocity. The size is impressive though.

Ryan Dunsmore


80 Grade Name

He's a Canadian far way from home. He was a 20th round pick in 2012 and went to West Virginia for his freshman year before transferring for this season. He has a massive frame at 6'8" 240 pounds and uses it to create downward plane on his fastball that hitters tend to struggle with.

His stuff doesn't really stand out as he tops out in the low 90's and relies on his control of the pitch to be effective. He also throws a slider which has reportedly really improved this year and resulting in him moving up draft boards.

He has a lot of work to do as he has control but not great command. He needs to locate better in the zone. There's talk of him having good mechanics and repeating them well which bodes well for command.

He racked up the strikeouts against his lower level of competition in the JUCO ranks. He totaled 114 in his 78 innings which comes out to a 13.15 K/9. He allowed 27 walks for a 3.14 BB/9. His ERA was 2.77.


Hard to peg for a guy we have such limited data on. So, other than the usual minor leaguer career, he could be a middle reliever.


He's got some back of the rotation upside unless he can do something to add a few ticks. if he has a long stride length, his velo already plays up, but could always be better. A third pitch will need to develop. He's still only 19 which helps.

Will he sign

JUCO guys are usually pretty easy signs at this point in the draft. Especially when they were in a 4-year program prior, transferring lets them get in pro ball quicker.


After committing to Central Arizona in high school, Dykxhoorn was selected in the 20th round of the 2012 Draft. He didn't sign and wound up deciding to attend West Virginia. He transferred to Central Arizona after a year and pitched his way up Draft boards this spring. Dykxhoorn throws his fastball around 90 mph and uses his big frame to create a good downhill angle. His slider has made strides this spring, giving him a third average offering to go with his fastball and changeup. Dykxhoorn pitches with more control than command and has to be careful to keep the ball down in the zone, as his fastball flattens out when he leaves it up. Despite his size, he already repeats his delivery well and has the potential to develop into a Major League starter.