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2014 3rd Round Pick: J.D. Davis, 1B/3B, Cal State Fullerton

After grabbing a corner infielder with plus power in A.J. Reed in round two, the Astros grabbed his right handed counterpart in Davis.


A fifth round pick in 2011, J.D. Davis re-established his draft stock with a strong Cape League performance and followed it up with a strong, if imperfect, junior season. His calling card is his right-handed power, which allowed him to slug .523 for CS-F this season, and he's got some sneaky athleticism to boot. Davis has a pure power hitting stroke with a long path and strong bat speed, and though he hit .338 as a junior, he's likely to be a lower batting average, big power bat at a corner infield spot going forward.

Much like A.J. Reed, Davis was a two-way player in college and even posted a filthy 22/4 K/BB mark in 20.1 IP in 2014, saving 7 games for the Titans. He has a big arm (92-94 MPH fastball) and pitching in relief is a real possibility for him if his bat doesn't play.

On defense, Davis has some burst and the arm to play third base, but he's not an especially fluid athlete and given the fact that his power should play just about anywhere, most see him as a first baseman long term. He'll get a look at the hot corner, but it may not be his long term home.

MLB Projection

Davis needs to improve his pitch recognition ability to be an average hit tool guy, but his true plus power will be his mealticket. There's a slim chance he could stick at 3B, but he's more likely a right handed platoon bat at first base/DH.

Will He Sign?