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2014 MLB Draft Profile- Michael Suchy, OF, Florida Gulf Coast University

Hailing from the alma mater of White Sox star Chris Sale, Michael Suchy is a top notch athlete with some holes in his game that teams may be willing to overlook.


There are some players that simply jump off of the screen with their athletic traits, but they're more often present in football or basketball than on the diamond. Michael Suchy, a center field prospect at Florida Gulf Coast, was primarily a football player in his high school days and his brother played tight end for Tulane's football team, and his background shows in his dynamic athleticism. Suchy (pronounced SOO-key) is a plus runner with a plus arm in the outfield, allowing him to profile as a long-term center fielder. He shows suddenness, balance and body control and his actions have developed well during his college career. He's also shown some impressive power both in college and in offseason leagues. His 6'3", 221 pound frame is largely maxed out, but it translates into serious tools.

As a hitter, Suchy has some issues. His swing is far from classic- he sets up in a bit of a hunch and swings with an upward plane, making him more of a fly ball hitter than a line drive guy, and it leads to some swing and miss. The uppercut action in his stroke is somewhat reminiscent of Victor Roache or Tyler Colvin. It's hard to totally overhaul a swing at the pro level, especially for a player Suchy's age, so he'll have to work with what he's got. His plate coverage is never going to be great, and his strikeout totals are likely to be high. However, Suchy's plus power/speed combo will help assuage the contact concerns to a degree, and he has an ability to drive the ball when does get the barrel on it. He shows a lot of issues with pitch recognition, which is partially to blame for some of his contact issues. His football background makes him more raw than the average college prospect, so there's reason to believe this part of his game can improve.

On the basepaths and in the field, Suchy flashes impressive ability with untapped potential. He has been timed in the 4.1s from home to first and shows the ability to swipe a bag, and his burst on the basepaths should allow him to get good jumps and force rushed throw. His basestealing technique should improve, and he projects as a plus threat as a runner. In center, he has all the hallmarks of a plus range/plus arm outfielder due to his athleticism which fits perfectly in CF.

MLB Projection

It's possible that his bat holds him back, but his athleticism has me somewhat enamored. He could develop into a Drew Stubbs/Brett Jackson type player.

Projected Draft Round

I have him graded in the 4th to 5th round, and rounds 4-7 is the sweet spot for him to hear his name called

Will he sign?

I think that this year is his best opportunity to hear his name called fairly high. Seniors simply don't get the respect that juniors due in terms of draft slot, and Suchy's stock is in a good spot right now.