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2014 Astros MLB Draft

Here's all our scouting reports, analysis, mock drafts and other content leading up to the 2014 MLB Draft.

Brady Aiken underwent Tommy John surgery

Brady Aiken announced today through The Players' Tribune that he had undergone Tommy John surgery after leaving his first start IGN academy in pain.

The Death of the MLB June Draft?

The NCAA and MLB came to an agreement to move the draft to July 1. What does that mean for everyone involved?

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Astros and Jacob Nix reach settlement

Jon Heyman with CBS Sports has some details on the Jacob Nix grievance. Nix and the Astros had an agreement in place, before the Brady Aiken situation reared its ugly head. It appears the two sides have come to a settlement that includes monetary compensation and the Astros not losing a 2015 draft pick.

An Interview with A.J. Reed

This writer landed an exclusive with A.J. Reed a couple hours before the River Bandits played on Sunday. Here's what A.J. had to say.

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A Reaction to the Astros' Failure to Sign Aiken

My thoughts on the Astros' inability to sign the first-overall pick in the 2014 draft,

A.J. Reed officially signs with Astros

The big slugger from Kentucky officially is an Astro.

Intro to the Astros 2014 Draft Class

A brief introduction to each of the Astros 2014 draft picks.

Astros 2014 draft recap, pick-by-pick

What we are doing this draft Luhnow? The same thing we do every draft, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

Astros and Aiken Agree to Terms

Astros have come to terms with their top draft selection, Brady Aiken

9th Round Pick: Bryan Radziewski, LHP, Miami (FL)

Miami's "short, fat lefty" doesn't look like a baseball player, and he doesn't exactly throw like one either, but he happens to be #7 on the team's all-time career strikeout list.

2014 10th Round Pick: Jay Gause, RHP, Faulkner U

A former NC State commit who attended two different junior colleges before landing in the NAIA World Series and getting drafted in the tenth round, it's already been a whirlwind career for the newest Houston Astro.

8th Round Pick: Bobby Boyd, CF, WVU

Speed and contact at the plate. It's his calling card.

7th Round Pick: Derick Velazquez, RHP, Fresno St

Drafted as a reliever, he will likely move pretty quickly through the system.

Sixth Round Pick: Brock Dykxhoorn, RHP, JUCO

JUCO pitcher with great strikeout numbers but lacks great velocity. The size is impressive though.

Fifth Round Pick: Jacob Nix, RHP, CA HS

Projectable RHP's with 96/97 MPH fastballs will always be noticed. He's got a lot of work but the upside is nice.

2014 4th Round Pick: Daniel Mengden, RHP, TAMU

Four-pitch mix with command can only last so long. He was originally thought of as a first rounder.

2014 3rd Round Pick: J.D. Davis, 1B, CS-Fullerton

The Astros continue to stockpile college power bats with their third round selection, Cal State Fullerton slugger J.D. Davis

Who Might the Astros Target with the 3-1 pick?

Anthony Boyer takes a look at some of the top names sitting on the board as the Astros prepare to make their third-round pick.

2014 2nd Round Pick: A.J. Reed, 1B, Kentucky

You want POWER? Well here is plenty of it and from the left side.

1.37 Draft Pick Profile: Derek Fisher, OF, UVa

A college outfielder with tools beyond his stats. There is still a lot of potential that has yet to be tapped into.

Instant Impressions: A.J. Reed

The Astros have landed the "Babe Ruth of the SEC." How does he project as a pro?

Instant Impressions: Derek Fisher

A tantalizing athlete with tools across the board, Derek Fisher provides big upside for a college player.

TCB 2014 Astros Draft Coverage and Thread Part Two

TCB 2014 Astros Draft Coverage and Thread part two

2014 MLB Draft Profile - Scott Blewett, RHP, NY HS

One of the best cold-weather pitching prospects in the country, New York's two-time Gatorade Player of the Year is a raw, enticing prospect with good fastball velocity and some promising secondary offerings.

TCB's 2014 MLB Draft Email Discussion

A look into the TCB staff's conversation around the 2014 MLB Draft.

Pounding the Table for Brady Aiken

Brady Aiken is arguably the top talent in the draft but his status as a high school pitcher caries his share of concern.

Pounding the table for Tyler Kolek

Not many pitchers can throw 100 MPH. Tyler Kolek can.

Pounding the Table for Alex Jackson

Only one 1-1 candidate provides both a premium bat and an up-the-middle profile. That candidate is Alex Jackson, and I've been riding this bandwagon for over a year. Nice to see some of you onboard.

2014 MLB Draft: All Questions Answered...Sort of

Where the TCB crew will answer ALL of your 2014 MLB Draft questions...well sort of...I CAN'T PREDICT THE FUTURE!

2014 Draft Profile: Brady Aiken, LHP, HS

Easily the top prep LHP in the draft and arguably the top pitcher in the draft. Good mechanics with top flight stuff from the left side is hard to come by.

2014 Draft Profile: Joey Pankake, INF/OF, USC

University of South Carolina third basemen Joey Pankake is one of the better bats available in the draft. His bat has a good chance of helping him get to the major leagues. If he can improve his defense he'll be one of the better players in MLB.

PODCAST: Pre-Draft Workout

Astros Baseball: Jonathan Villar's May struggles, the upcoming draft and an interview with Nick Faleris of Baseball Prospectus Astros Minors: Mark Appel makes his return to Lancaster, the upcoming draft and an interview with Ronit Shah of Baseball P


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