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Houston Astros’ Billy Wagner pumps his fist as he

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Astros Crawfish Boil: January 24, 2024

Billy Wagner comes up short.

There goes our hero...
| Photo credit should read SCOTT ROVAK/AFP via Getty Images

It’s welcome to Cooperstown for three all-timers, but not for Billy Wagner, who came up five votes short.

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LF Sandy Valdespino (1939-2023)

I hope you’ll all forgive me as Chapter 80 of Everystros is taking longer than expected. That’s because I’m briefly touching on every time a given player has a WPA larger than 0.300, and also if a starting pitcher tops a 70 GS. It’s been going well, but Bob Aspromonte broke me. He had soooooo many of them, like, more than 30. It shall return tomorrow, and continue until we reach number one, in chapter 121.

In the meantime, we have another full calendar year to talk about how much Billy Wagner should be in the Hall of Fame, but have faith, he’s trended in that direction for a while now, and just has to take one more small step. Funny how a player’s vote percentage goes up and up and up while they’re eligible, but they don’t do anything between seasons to increase their stat line.

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