The Astros are historically good when Yainer and Chas start at C and OF

It’s commonly accepted that the Astros offense is better when Yainer and Chas start at C and OF. But other than the eye test, it’s hard to understand exactly how much better, and whether that translated to winning.

Granted it's a SSS, but the Astros are 18-7 when Yainer starts at C and Chas starts in the OF. That's good for a .720 win percentage. The modern day record, owned by the 2001 River Dancers, is .716.

Add in the fact that one of those 25 games featured Chas getting PH for in the 9th inning of a 4-3 loss, and you could say the Astros are .750 in games that Yainer and Chas start and finish at C and OF.

(Note: This excludes two other losses where Chas came in as a defensive replacement during a blowout loss that Yainer started at C. Yes, the Astros can get blown out when Yainer starts at C.)

Some more fun splits:

  • The Astros are 7-5 in games where Yainer starts at C but Chas doesn't start. So, they are 25-12 when Yainer starts at C. That .676 win % would lead the league this season, but it wouldn't be as historic as .720 or .750.
  • The Astros scored in double digits in 7 of those 25 games, or 28%. They scored double digits in 11 of our other 121 games, or 9%.
  • The Astros are 64-57 in those 121 games, or 7 games above .500. In other words, they are 4 wins better when Yainer and Chas start at C and OF (5 wins better excluding the 4-3 Yankee loss) -- and in 96 less games.

Note: neither of the Astros’ co-aces started any of those 25 games.