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Altuve Hits For the Cycle, “Cycletuve” Breaking T-Shirt

Hall of Fame Bound. Add this one to your collection.

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They didn’t think he should even be allowed in the tryout. But he showed up and turned heads.

They didn’t think he’d ever make the bigs. But he showed out at every level and they couldn’t keep him down.

They thought he’d never be more than a low-impact singles hitter on a losing team. But he showed the world that a little man can have an MVP-size impact on a world champion.

Now they say he’s getting old and slowing down. But even on the down-side of 30 he’s still raking like the superstar he still is.

Jose Altuve is only the third player to collect 2000 hits as an Astro. And you know where the jerseys of the other two reside.

And now he’s the first Astros to hit for the cycle since 2013.

Jose Altuve: Hall of Fame bound!

Honor this Great Houston Astro and commemorate his greatness for the ages by wearing your Altuve Hits for the Cycle, “Cycletuve” Breaking T t-shirt, and buy an extra to remember him for the ages.

And don’t forget his 2000 hit t-shirt while you’re at it, or any of the other great Astros Breaking Ts.

And they make a great gift, too.

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