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Five Takes on the Offense

Syndication: The Corpus Christi Caller Times Angela Piazza/Caller-Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

Even when the offense looks broken, it still puts up a seven spot. With Astro Nation feeling good, here are some takes:

  1. Jose Abreu looks lost for good. He cannot hit ahead of the count and he can’t hit behind the count. I loved the signing. He’s killing us. I’m not saying it can’t get better, but it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon. He has no power, he K’s too much, and he doesn’t seem like he can turn on a pitch and elevate it to the Crawford Boxes. Also, he looks closer to 45 than 35 years old.
  2. Let’s not rely on Altuve to save us right away. We all love Jose but he’s a notoriously streaky hitter who seems to employ wildly different hitting philosophies week to week. He’s a big piece of the Astros getting right on offense, and he will have big season, but his performance in the minors the past five games underscores the point.
  3. Yainer needs to get more ABs, one way or another. He hasn’t been good so far, but he’s showing some signs and there’s room to grow there. He needs to be properly platooned with Maldy. He looks fine behind the plate. He had a grand total of 228 career PAs above AA before this season. He needs reps. And if can provide a threat, it’s a chance to stretch out the lineup.
  4. Let’s calm down about where Dubon plays when Altuve comes up. Yes, he’s been awesome, but he’s almost exactly league average with a .355 BABIP that’s not sustainable. He doesn’t walk. Let him start twice/week. He shouldn’t supplant Chas.
  5. Let Tucker hit in the 2 hole when Altuve comes back. Have your four best hitters hit 1-4. I’d prefer this as the Max Offense lineup: 1. Altuve 2. Tucker 3. Breggy 4. Alvarez 5. Pena 6. Chas (cf). 7. Yainer 8. Abreu 9. Meyers (lf). Okay, that will never happen to Abreu but one can dare to dream.