Revisiting the 2004 Astros rotation

Hi there, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such films as "Writing for Crawfish Boxes," "Voting Badly for AL MVP," and "Being A Bit of a Doofus."

Hi I'm David. First time, long time.

Actually, not my first time. Way, way back when I first started writing online, I posted a FanPost on here (before the spiffy redesign) talking about my old blog.

Now I'm back, talking about my new newsletter. Time is a flat circle, amirite?

Anyway, this week I wrote about the 2004 Astros rotation, which was a much wilder collection of pitchers than I remembered. To wit:

Despite signing the best pitcher of the prior two decades and a Hall of Fame caliber lefthander. Despite having a near Hall of Famer already in the rotation in Roy Oswalt, Houston still used 12 pitchers in a playoff year.

Go ahead, give it a read. Tell me what you think. And if anyone remembers me around these parts, please say hi!