Remember the '96 Rockets

The Rockets after winning back to back championships decided to change up a championship team to get an old star Barkley. They traded away fan favorites and great players like Sam Casell and Robert Horry. Horry and Cassel went on to win other championships with other teams, where the Rockets went into a free fall. Barkley didn't like Drexler. There are not many stars that could put up with a character like Barkley.

I can understand letting go of the Springers, Cole, JV, as they wanted much more money, and we still prospered. Yuli though is not asking for more money. He just loves the team and fans.

When you win a championship the onus is on the other teams to get better, no so much the champion. The Astros are giving up the GM Click, JV, and now Yuli? I can understand JV, as Javier outperformed JV and made less than $800K vs JV $25M. Buy Yuli is pocket change at $3M and he has taken multiple pay cuts for the team throughout the years.

Be careful how much you tweak...