Save Yuli

We need to re-sign Yuli.
He has sacrificed his pay for the Astros previiously
He performs in the playoffs.
He has great chemistry with the team and coach.
He is one of the last few members of our 2017 WS championship.

In 2020 Yuli was arbitration eligible, and was estimated to get 8.7M, but didn't go through arbitration to help the Astros have more wiggle room for others to help keep the Astros under the luxury tax threshold and took a pay cute settling for $8.3 million FOR the team..
Yuli took another pay cut in 2021 and agreed to $7M for the team, winning the AL batting title in 2021.

He performs in the playoffs, where others like Judge, Mancini, even our own Altuve in 2022 choked. Yuli had THE best batting AVG for the 2022 Postseason Astros at .347! Yuli came on strong in the second half of the season.

He has great chemistry with the team and fans! you can't put that in numbers.

Players are not always the same, once they put on an Astros uniform. There is much more pressure to perform, as there is a bullseye on the players since they are a dynasty, and due to getting bashed by the media. Just look at those who came from other teams last year that regressed as an Astro. Mancini hit .268 as an Oriole, but .176 (.048 in postseason) as an Astro. Vasquez hit .282 as a RedSox but .250 as an Astro. There is a good chance Abreu will regress as well.

Yuli is insurance. He is a known commodity. Other new people are a risk. Yuli can field at different positions in the infield and is a clutch hitter that we need. Folks like Dubon will not perform as an Astron in the near future, and is like a Myles Straw or worse.

GM Dana being regarded highly due to his honesty on Yuli is shameful.

The Rockets brought in Barklay and didn't gel with the team or Drexler, and the team lost its championship Mojo, and never returned to greatness.

Save Yuli and Save our 2023 team.