Curse of La Piña

Curse of the Bambino- BoSox 86 years

Curse of the Billy Goat - Cubs 71 years

Curse of the Round Mound - Rockets- ongoing 26+ Years

Curse of La Piña - ?? (Years)

"Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion"

Have we lost our heart? Has the culture changed? Has what made us a champion forever gone? Are the Yankees rejoicing?

In a sport where superstition runs rampant, the last thing we need is to change our MO.

Cards did the right thing and signed Pujol for his final year, a farewell tour, and tickets skyrocketed for opening day and end of the season home games. A resounding success.

Not the Astros. Yet, there are several on the roster less deserving than Yuli…

What will be consequences? Already Altuve is out for 2 months.. :(

Never, Never, Leave your Wingman…