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Oops! All Astros: Andrews Sosa & Angelo Martinez

We touch on a catcher and a relief pitcher to bring our first week of player reviews to a close.


Andrews Sosa

Andrews Sosa is a five-foot-10, 160 lb. catcher. Born on January 7, 2005, Sosa signed his first professional deal with the Astros earlier this year. On July 19, he received his first assignment, and joined the DSL Astros Blue.

As you may imagine, Sosa’s track record is still very short. He’s played in 19 contests so far, and hit .233/.400/.256 with three RBI and four stolen bases. He’s played 58 innings behind the plate, catching 28 percent of basestealers and racking up a .964 fielding percentage.

On August 19, Sosa turned in his first three-hit game, going three-for-four with a pair of runs scored in a 7-1 win against the DSL Guardians Blue.

The rookie league seasons are short, and Sosa will probably get another season of, um, seasoning with the DSL. The likeliest timeline would see him getting to the majors around 2029.

Angelo Martinez

Angelo Martinez is a six-foot-one, 155 lb. relief pitcher from El Tigre, VZ. Born on June 17, 2000, Martinez signed on with Houston earlier this year on April 25.

Martinez got his first assignment two months later, getting his orders to join the DSL Astros Orange. He pitched in eight games in relief for them, allowing 13 runs in 12 13 innings by walking 15 and giving up eight hits. On the positive side, he also collected 20 strikeouts.

Martinez’ best appearance today was on August 9, when he struck out four over two shutout innings in a 7-1 victory against the DSL Boston Blue squad. Like Martinez, Sosa is involved with the rookie level-squad, and the season is over as quickly as it starts. Unlike Sosa, Martinez will be 23-years-old when the next rookie season rolls around, and he’s not ready to move on to the non-rookie levels just yet.

Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for another pair of Astros on the road to all 316 players to appear in the system in 2022.