Astros Milestone on the Horizon

(info courtesy of BobinHouston, a fellow Astros/Longhorns fan, who posted on a Texas Longhorns fansite)

By the end of this weekend, the Astros could reach .500 (over the life of the franchise). Right now, according to, they have a record of 4,805-4,809. (I believe this is regular season only.)

That's 13th among all franchises, and the best record of the teams added in 1961 or later. The Blue Jays (1977) and Angels (1961) are less than 50 games under .500. Since 2015, the Astros have gone 213 games over .500.

I'm sure that there are other TCBers besides maris61 and me who've been here since that Tuesday afternoon in April 1962 who will agree we are living in the Golden Age of Astros and the future for the Orange and Blue looks as bright as ever.

As Dante always says: "First! Must Win!"