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The Latest, In-Your-Face, Houston Astros Breaking T-Shirt is Available Now

Who cares what the haters think?

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Tired of hearing about Astros cheating?

Me too.

It was a long time ago, and we all know the Astros were the scapegoats in a big cover-up.

But some people just can’t move on.

Those people being the fans of other teams the Astros keep beating like a drum year after year.

Who’s up 10+ games in the AL West?

You know.

Who just rolled through New York like it was Arlington or Oakland?

You know.

It’s us against the world baby, and we’re proud of it.

Go Stros.

For the past five seasons, the Astros have been just about the best team in all baseball. Screw the haters. They just hate us because they’re jealous.

Now you can make a statement to all those secret wannabes. It’s the latest Breaking T.

Order your MLBPA authorized shirt from the link HERE, each shirt for just $26.00. This link will take you to Breaking T’s secure checkout page, where you can order these super-comfy shirts in your size, from S to 3XL. Delivery is uber-fast, and if you’re not completely satisfied, Breaking T has a full money-back guarantee.

Don’t let this chance to get your 2022, “Houston vs all y’all” BReaking T pass you by. Order now

And while you’re there check out the No No No-Hitter t-shirt too, commemorating the recent no-hitter against the haters in New York. Get one to wear, and one for posterity.