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Congratulations Dusty Baker For 2000 Wins. Breakin-T Honors the Future Hall of Famer

One of the winningest managers ever! And he’s still going strong with the Stros.

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A great player, a great manager, a great person, a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer. We’re proud he did it in an Astros uniform. Honor Dusty Baker with the latest Breakin T-shirt dedicated to the man who just won his 2000th game as a manager.

Buy one to honor Dusty, buy one to keep for baseball posterity, and maybe there’s a friend or family member that would love a Legend of Dusty Baker t-shirt as a gift.

Order your MLBPA authorized shirt from the link HERE, each shirt for just $26.00. This link will take you to Breaking T’s secure checkout page, where you can order these super-comfy shirts in your size, from S to 3XL. Delivery is uber-fast, and if you’re not completely satisfied, Breaking T has a full money-back guarantee.

Don’t let this chance to get The Legend of Dusty Baker t-shirt pass you by. Order now