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Get the Very First Jeremy Pena Rookie Breaking-T Shirt

The first of many, no doubt. But the first one is special.

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Rookie baseball cards. If you have one of a superstar, you’re in the money.

Rookie T-Shirts?

You bet.

That’s what a lot of insiders are saying about rookie shortstop Jeremy Pena. A future star with a long future on the Astros.

In just his first three weeks in the big leagues, the kid is first on the team in runs scored, second in home runs, third in RBI and OPS. A defensive wizard too, and he’s just getting started.

He had his first walk-off home run just last Sunday. Surely there’s more where that came from.

And breaking T has his rookie T-Shirt, available now.

Buy one to show off your Pena Pride, buy one to keep for baseball posterity, and wouldn’t the Jeremy Pena rookie shirt make a great gift?

Order your MLBPA authorized shirt from the link HERE, each shirt for just $26.00. This link will take you to Breaking T’s secure checkout page, where you can order these super-comfy shirts in your size, from S to 3XL. Delivery is uber-fast, and if you’re not completely satisfied, Breaking T has a full money-back guarantee.

Don’t let this chance to get your 2022, Jeremy Pena rookie t-shirt pass you by. Order now

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