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BREAKING: Astros reach agreement with José Abreu

The free-agent first baseman is reportedly signing with Houston.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Even without a general manager, the Astros are still making moves as free-agent slugger José Abreu is reportedly finalizing a three-year contract with the club.

(Author nervously refreshes Twitter while waiting for the exact contract details).

Abreu, 35, will likely become the full-time starter at first base for the defending champions following an impressive nine-season stretch with the White Sox, hitting .292/.354/.506 with 243 home runs. While he did experience a relative downturn in offensive production in 2018-19, Abreu’s numbers have bounced back in the last three seasons, as evidenced by his 131 wRC+ in his previous 1,338 plate appearances.

That said, there is the question about his power decline in 2022 to consider, but Abreu’s presence undoubtedly makes the Astros better in 2023 and probably 2024. Stay tuned for further thoughts about 2025, though.