Houston Astros History: A Random Plate Appearance


Rich with both good and bad moments, the Houston Astros have enjoyed 61 seasons of Major League Baseball. I thought it would be a fun thought exercise to do a series based on randomly generated plate appearances. I used to generate a year from 1962 to 2022 (I landed on 1987), a game from one through 162 (98), and a plate appearance from one to 76 (six). This particular combination of digits landed me on, a box score from July 26, 1987, and an inning called "first." The Game The Houston Astros, coming into the action at 48-49 but somehow just 3.5 games back in a "middle-heavy" NL West (behind the 52-46 Cincinnati Reds), were on the road against the 53-44 New York Mets, who were 8.5 games behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL East. The game was the final contest in a four-game set, and the Astros were looking to earn a split.