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Yordan Álvarez’ name means PURE POWER

The 24-year-old star leads the Astros in terms of power at the plate. Here are some stats for you to enjoy!

Cleveland Indians v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Sometimes, taking a look at stats such as home run distances and exit velocity can give you an idea of how a batter is doing at the plate or whether his bad luck could change or not in the near future. When it comes to these statistics, watching Yordan Álvarez at the plate is an act of pure joy — if you’re on the Astros’ side, obviously.

Álvarez has become one of the most dangerous, powerful hitters in the game. He’s a headache to pitchers, who know he can destroy them in more ways than one. The young slugger is locked in right in the heart of the Astros’ lineup and there are a zillion reasons why.

In 2021, Álvarez is torching again. In 83 games, he’s registered 89 hits, 17 doubles, 18 home runs, 63 RBIs, and a good .286/.352/.521 slash line, along with an .872 OPS.

54.5% of the total pitches Álvarez has seen so far this year qualified as fastballs (four-seam, two-seam, cutter, sinker), and he has made them pay for it. Against those pitches, he’s averaging .323 while slugging .600, with 11 of his 18 four-baggers.

In fact, Yordan came into Sunday’s game owning the fifth-highest slugging percentage in the Majors (.717) against fastballs in the strike zone (minimum 400 results), as you can see in the image below...

Baseball Savant

But if you want more, there’s even more of Yordan!

Within the majors, Álvarez has the 11th-highest average home run distance (407 ft) among men with at least 18 home runs in ’21.

From an in-house perspective, the 24-year-old is the main power source on the team. He ranks first among Astros in exit velocity (minimum 1000 pitches seen): 91.9 MPH, which ranks in the top 15 in the American League.

Seven of the Astros’ 15 longest home runs in 2021 belong to Álvarez, and each one of those traveled at least 424 feet.

In fact, eight of the 10 hardest-hit balls of the Astros’ season have Álvarez’s name on them as well, with the hardest one being a home run (video below). The other two came via Carlos Correa and Taylor Jones.

Álvarez still has two months of regular season ahead of him to keep rocking and smashing. The massive power hitter will continue putting up a show for years! Be sure to enjoy him!