How much would Starling Marte cost?

I know this is probably a Houston fan pipe dream but, I honestly wonder how much it would cost the Astros in prospects, etc. to obtain Starling Marte? This feels like the end of a very extended window for the Astros to win another championship and do it this time without the minimal help that got them in trouble in the first place once and for all putting the bed the notion that somehow our 2017 trophy is somehow tainted just because we did, effectively, what so many other teams were undoubtedly doing in some form or another during that time but didn’t get caught or ratted out like we were and that we couldn’t win without doing such things… Getting Marte may solidify this offense and put it over the top. If I were Click, I’d go so far as to trade Toro, Dawson, Papierski, and maybe an arm or two in the upper levels of AA or AAA to Miami to make it happen.. that said, I can’t imagine some team out there doesn’t have a better hand to play.. just wondering what you all think.. Marte is no Springer but he’s certainly more dangerous at the plate than Straw and can be plugged in perhaps in the 7-8-9 portion of the batting order and really make teams pay for pitching around Tucker or Correa.. plus, he plays just as good if not better CF as Straw. Plus, he can hit a home run or two here and there so he’s got some pop.. something Straw completely lacks.

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