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Game 81 Thread. June 30, 2021, 7:10 CDT. Orioles @ Astros

The home town boys try to salvage one win in this, their final series and final game with the last place Orioles

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Game 81. The midway point of the season. If the Astros win tonight they will have 49 wins, which puts them on track for a 98 win season. It would be the first non-100 win season (except for last year) since 2016. But alas, they aren’t too far off. I say they can beat pre-season expectation and make it.

But they’re going to have to make it without Jose Urquidy for a while, who went on IL today.

Another one bites the dust.

Tonight’s hopes rest on rookie phenom Luis Garcia. A strong performance and win tonight will strengthen his longshot bid to make the All-Star team. Carlos Correa said he belongs, and I think he could earn it tonight.

Let’s hope the Astros bats can find at least half the mojo they had in Baltimore here in Houston tonight. Half should be enough. If the Astros can’t hit the recycled Matt Harvey, 7.54 era, they are in some big trouble.

I’m sure the boys can’t wait for a day off. This will be their seventeenth consecutive game without a day off, not counting the rainout that had a doubleheader the next day.

Go Stros!