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Game 79 Thread/Preview. June 28, 2021, 7:10 CDT. Orioles @ Astros

It’s the second series with the O’s in two weeks. Can the Orioles hit the eephus?

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

It was just last week when the Astros won their tenth straight game by beating the Orioles 13-0. Since then the Orioles have lost three out of four to the Blue Jays while allowing 31 runs.

Meanwhile, the Astros split in Detroit, and in the last three games managed to score only five runs.

The starting pitcher for the O’s in the 13-0 debacle was Thomas Eshelman, who has a 7.27 season ERA, and gave up six runs in four innings against the Astros last week. He starts again tonight.

After cooling off in Detroit are the Astros bats ready to feast again on Orioles pitching, this time with a little home spice added to the recipe?

The Astros currently lead the AL by one game over the Red Sox and two games over the Oakland A’s. Is the series with last place Baltimore a chance to extend these leads, or will the Oakland A’s remain hot on the Astros tail as they take on the Rangers in their home stadium.

And most of all, will Zack Greinke throw another eehpus tonight?

These are the burning questions all Astros fans are asking as our beloved Stros start another series tonight with the Orioles at Minute Maid Park.

Here’s the lineups.

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