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Jose Altuve 2019 ALCS Walk-Off Home Run Bobblehead For Sale. Limited Edition

There are only 400 of these rare bobbleheads. Act Now.

There’s only one thing sweeter than the Astros winning the championship. And that’s beating the Yankees to do it.

And beating them with a walk-off home run?

Ain’t nothin sweeter.

That’s Jose Altuve.

Sweetness to every Astros fan.

Poison to all who oppose him.

Maybe that’s why they hate him so much in New York. Because he wrecks their dreams, almost every year it seems.

Like in the 2019 ALCS, when he took Aroldis Chapman, deep, deep to left field to break the ninth-inning tie and send the Yanks home...and the Stros to the World Series.

FOCOUsa is offering a limited edition Jose Altuve bobblehead commemorating this great event in the History of the Houston Astros. It’s their bobblehead of the month.

Introducing, the Jose Altuve 2019 ALCS Walk-Off Home Run Bobblehead.

There are only 400 of these. They will be rare collector items that you can proudly display your whole life. When Jose goes to the Hall of Fame just think how coveted and valuable this rare edition will be.

This unique bobblehead is available first-come, first-served, right now, for $100. After the first 400 are gone, they are gone for good.

There is a return policy if a product arrives damaged, and of course, this bobblehead is MLB and MLBPA authorized.

Re-live the amazing excitement of Jose Altuve’s pennant-winning home run with this beautiful bobblehead. There’s even an audio playback button of the call so you can hear the excitement again and again.

Don’t wait. These won’t last. Get the Jose Altuve Walk-Off Bobblehead from FOCOUsa.

For yourself. And what a great gift.

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