2021 Astros Opening Day 26 (with 40-Man Implications)

Greinke, LMJ, Urquidy, Javier, Odorizzi

Pressly, Smith, Stanek, Paredes, Bielak, Abreu, Raley, Taylor, Cishek

Yuli, Altuve, Correa, Bregman, Diaz

Maldy, Castro

Straw Brantley Tucker

Alvarez, Jones

Diaz and Jones can play OF, Jones is the better bat between Toro and McCormick.

The final spot on pitching roster comes down to: Cishek, Garcia, Ivey, Solomon, Rodriguez.

Keeping Steve Cishek is such a tough decision, similar to Jake Marisnick -- in a perfect world nobody would pinch pennies over these two. They are well worth the smallish price, and yet there are fiduciary, roster concerns that supercede. My guess is there were some "commitments made to Steve," and they're sticking to the 132 career saves angle of keeping him.

Astros also have others coming online after personal setbacks like; Scrubb, Baez, James, Emanuel and SP#3 Framber Valdez in May, so those on the 26-man with options will probably use them to accomodate the hottest hands. Those who are not quite 100% could remain on the injured shelf too, and in some cases avoid using their option.


Pruitt, JV, Whitley 60-day IL

Verlander the only one who will more than likely remain off the 40-man for the season; Pruitt will return, and Whitley must remain on the 40 count. Martes suspended til July. Emanuel suspended til late April.

Astros 40-man:

P: Abreu, Baz, Bielak, Garcia, Greinke, Ivey, James, Javier, McCullers, Odorizzi, Paredes, Pressly, Pruitt, Raley, Rodriguez, Scrubb, Smith, Solis, Solomon, Stanek, Taylor, Urquidy, Valdez, Verlander, Whitley

C: Castro Madly, Stubbs

IF: Altuve Bregman Correa Diaz Garcia Gurriel Jones Nova Toro

OF: Alvarez Brantley McCormick Straw Tucker

Offer Robel Garcia a MiLB deal, no?