The Correa Contract offer I'd make if I was Click/Crane

It I am the Astros I offer Correa a 10 year deal with an opt out after 5. For the first 5 you give him 32 or 35 a year or something like that and then the final 5 its like 15 a year. Idea being is that you tell him hey look we don't do long term but this deal allows you to have comfort in case you get injured. On the flip side after 5 if you are healthy you can opt out and you are still young enough to get another big deal. Maybe that deal is still with the Astros or it could be someone else, but either way it would be a new contract for him. Essentially you sell him on the idea of him betting on himself. But still telling him that we also understand that you have to make sure he does what is best for him and his family financially.

So its a 250 Million deal over 10 years, but in reality its a 5 year 175 million deal unless he get hobbled by injuries or becomes ineffective. That being said if that happens you are only carrying him at 15 million a year over the tail end of his career.

You sell him on the having security financially and in him being able to better control if he is on a winner. Because if the Astros start to fade that opt out lets him possibly go to another contender. But for now possibly staying with the Astros gives him his best shot at another ring.